“Blindspotting!” Daveed Diggs Tackles Police Brutality in New Film!

The American dream is a notion–or well promise–to all people within in our country of peace, safety, justice and most of all equality. However, if you are a Black Man there are time and situations when that notion might as well be a fantasy. Hamilton star Daveed Diggs definitely has this understand down to science as he tackles police brutality and injustice in his new film, Blindspotting!

Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casa as Collin and Miles in Blindspotting movie
Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casa as Collin and Miles in “Blindspotting”

Blindspotting centers on Collin (Daveed Diggs), an ex-con adjusting to life outside of prison–and with limited freedom–thanks to probation and a legal curfew at his halfway home. He passes his few remaining days focusing on work, while working alongside his eccentric best friend Miles (Rafael Casal). Collin’s attempts to keep his head low and stay out of trouble hit a snag when he witnesses an officer gun down an unarmed Black Man. He does his best to put it behind him but Miles’ antics combined with his growing PTSD began to haunt him like none other. Colin’s crisis of conscience and rage all climaxes to an event you will never see coming!

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This film deserves every award on the books! We are not surprised that Daveed is amazing in this film. Anything he touches is GOLD. Even more surprising is that he wrote this moving film with Rafael. Blindspotting is a movie you will laugh, cry, and have to watch again and again because it is just that deep. As a Black Man, or even a person of color in this country, you will relate to Colin and his shortcomings.

Honestly, we need more films–mainstream and independent–to tackle this topic. Indeed, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was right, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Be sure you catch Blindspotting anywhere it can be found. Daveed and Rafael, kudos, kudos, and KUDOS!

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