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So our Blogger Style of the week goes out to one of Australia’s most popular stylist and blogger, Micah Gianneli. This Aussie gal kills every instagram post and slays us daily with her OOTD. She is the queen of single-color layering, monochrome and neutrals.A style philosophy that is exactly up my alley. She stands out amongst the crowd of other bloggers as she has a certain swag and edginess that only Micah can exude.


Not only does she kill it on the fashion side, but she is also quite accomplished on the business side with the help of her partner and long-time boyfriend Jessie Maricic. Together they have built a burgeoning brand that is Micah Gianneli. Her talents don’t just stop at stylists and blogger she also holds titles as fashion designer, creative director, post-production specialist and web-site designer.  The list continues actually, but that doesn’t keep her from having ambitions to start her own clothing line. I am excited to see that line one day, until then I’ll continue to drool over her slick and sassy posts.




I can truly say without a doubt that she is pure perfection.

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Watch this stylish video from Micah Gianneli| 2015 Jaguar F-Type S Convertible


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