Blonde Bombshell Hair Chronicles: What Was I Thinking?!

The Blonde Bombshells are out this summer!

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And guess what?! I fell into the “blonde hair” trap.. I got out of my hair stylists chair, inched my way over to the mirror, and with one eye open, I literally said to myself, “What the FUCK have I done?”

When Trying To Be “Bad & Blonde” Goes…Not In The Direction You Intended…

Okay, let me just be real, I pondered on the exact color that I was going to go with for…Ummm….48hrs! but nonetheless, I just new in my head that it was going to come out exactly like the Chrisette Michelle photo that I snagged off of pinterest.

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Chrisette Michelle- Google Images

Let me clear something up, I went in the hair salon with my natural hair color at about a 1 or 1B ish (If you aren’t hair savvy those numbers will go straight over your head…my apologies lol). So, my fear of looking like a lion or bozo the clown had actually manifested!

I have said over and over to my natural friends, we have GOT to stop thinking that our hair texture, color etc will be like the celeb or IG bombshell’s just because we bring in a picture for our hairstylist to replicate… its not their fault its OURS…

Before You Decide To Go Blonde…DO YOUR RESEARCH!

I’ve always been the type of person to act on impulse. Sometimes that can be good but then other times, you have to say “Woah Woah Woah! Yo SELF! You Doing Too Much…Take a Step Back B!” *In my most never been to New York accent*

If you see a picture of a style or color that you may want to try out.. take the photo to your stylist first for a consultation so that you two can go over color options and combinations.

Monica, Chrisette Michele, hair, Blonde, Honey Blonde, Short hair, twa,natural hair, healthy hair, blonde bombshell
Monica Blonde Hair-Google Images

The consultation will ensure that your stylist is capable of pulling off the color that you want.

When You Get It Right..Go Kill The GAME! “Confident Never Cocky”

After going a whole 24hrs with this color, I felt extremely uncomfortable. I went back to the hairstylist to get it right! I walked out of that salon 1.5hrs later, threw my knock off Gucci shades on and walked to my car feeling like a million of them big thangs!

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