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Blu Cantrell hospitalized for erratic behavior

Blu Cantrell, singer of the once popular song “Hit Em’ Up Style” was hospitalized for erratic behavior, according to TMZ.

Santa Monica police were called to the scene around 2 a.m. on September 3rd due to Blu’s disturbance.  She was said to be screaming someone was attempting to kill her by giving her poisonous gas.   Consequently, Blu was taken into police custody for a psychological evaluation.  She was then transported to a  hospital for care by a medical staff.  There are no updates on the findings or her current condition.

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Blu has been off the scene since 2008.   Her last television appearance was on NBC’s Celebrity Circus, where she was eliminated only two weeks into the show.   Unknown to most, she put out a song in 2012 called “S.O.S. (Tell Me Where You At) which took shots at her rumored ex-boyfriend, Jay-Z.  Yet, the talented beauty gave Jay and Beyoncé best wishes for Blue Ivy upon her arrival.


There must be a reason why she stayed away from the media and industry for so long.  It’s unfortunate these are the circumstances that brought her back in the forefront.  Best wishes to her!






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