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Body Beautiful with Lee Jimenez

Body Beautiful with Lee Jimenez

Are you ready to be body beautiful for Spring? Keep reading about how to slay this season and possibly year round with Lee Jimenez.

Lee Jimenez is a personal fitness trainer. He is also a group fitness instructor for Equinox: New York and founder of Body Battle Fitness. Prior to being a trainer, he was overweight and wanted to make a change in his life. When he took a group fitness class, he was motivated to continue on a healthier path. Lee spoke with Kontrol to share some of his knowledge so that you too can be body beautiful.

Lee Jimenez
Lee Jimenez

If you have never stepped foot into a gym, do not worry. There is a way for you to get bikini ready and feel better about your body in the process. When asked what would be the best course of action to take Jimenez replied “Identify your goal, know how much time you have to achieve your goal, find a exercise program that works for you, be consistent and stay motivated.”

Lee Jimenez
Lee Jimenez

Whether you decide to join a gym or opt not to, just know that there are still things you can do to change your body, using your body. The top 5 go-to exercises that use your body weight are planks, high knees, squats, crawl outs and tuck jumps. The great thing about the above mentioned exercised suggested by Jimenez is that all exercises require you to use multiple muscles groups during the exercises.

Lee Jimenez with jump rope
Lee Jimenez

With half of the classic battle handled, exercise, its now time to focus on food intake. Naturally you should reduce and/or eliminate sugar and sodium from your diet. No matter how much time you are in the gym, you won’t see changes unless you change the way you eat. Trainer Lee Jimenez recommends trying to cook at least one meal at home at first in order to establish better eating habits.

Lee Jimenez
Lee Jimenez

As you start on this change, you will encounter many myths and not so good bits of information. Cheat days are a bad concept for those trying to lose weight, if you ask Jimenez. It does not make sense to work hard and then go backwards, especially if you have not reached your desired goal. Jimenez also says that going “BEAST” mode all day every day in the gym is not the way to go, as many people think. You will need to have recovery in order to give your body time to heal properly. Another misunderstood piece of having good fitness is the myth of protein. A lot of people will look at protein as a source of weight gain, but it is the complete opposite. Jimenez stated that protein is needed to help in building lean muscle mass, which is good for your body.

Lee Jimenez with kettle bell
Lee Jimenez

Now that you are equipped with some knowledge of how to be body beautiful for the spring, just know that once the positive changes happen, you will notice the changes in your body after the first 10 weeks. If you continue to stay with those positive changes, you will reach your goal. If there is one key to success, Jimenez said “Consistency.”

Lee Jimenez headshot


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