Bodyology Provides a Solution for Active Women

1. Introduce Bodyology Wear to our readers and how it relates to the active professional woman:
Bodyology is an intimate apparel line designed to protect women’s clothes from sweat, therefore keeping them comfortable and dry all day long. Today, modern women lead very active lives. They are mothers, wives, homemakers, professionals, civic and community leaders – and they need to be able to move through their day without worrying about whether or not they will sweat through their clothes. Bodyology offers that solution. We have multiple styles and colors to accommodate most women’s wardrobes and our garments look and feel amazing.
2. What inspired the creation of this intimate apparel line?
About three years ago, I was diagnosed with thyroid disease which gave me a number of really challenging symptoms – one of which was excessive perspiration. I went online and to department stores trying to find something to where under my clothes and just wasn’t able to find anything that was elegantly designed and intended to act as a barrier between my body chemistry and my clothes. Therefore, I decided to create my own line, hoping that it would not only provide a solution for me, but other women like me who suffer from a similar issue. When you think about it, it’s a totally obvious concept. Men have undershirts and boxers that they wear everyday which essentially serves the same function. Before Bodyology, all women had were panties and bras – neither of which do a great job of shielding our clothes from sweat. Bodyology fills that gap.
3. Any other benefits women will find through purchasing these undergarments?
Sure. I think a lot of women hear about this product and think, that’s not for me because I don’t really sweat. Bodyology is not just for women who sweat, it’s for all women. Because your body hardly comes into contact with your clothes when wearing Bodyology, clothes last longer. Additionally, women are able to get multiple wears out of their clothes, thus reducing dry cleaning costs. The fabric is so thin and supple that you forget you’re wearing anything at all. And while we don’t claim to be shapewear, our garments smooth you out without holding you in. We believe that once women try Bodyology, they will wonder how they ever got along without it.  
4. How can readers view the new line and connect with Bodyology Wear on social media?
You can visit us at You can also connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest @bodyologywear, and YouTube @bodyology.
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