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Say NO To Wearing Your Bonnet In Public

Say NO To Wearing Your Bonnet In Public

Are you guilty of wearing your bonnet in public?

The sole purpose of wearing a bonnet or scarf is to protect your tresses while asleep.

Okay, wearing your bonnet around your house, that’s absolutely OK! However, wearing that same bonnet to serve as a “hat”, that’s not OK! and yes these sleep caps are like the modern day hat and I hate it!

When To Wear Your Bonnet…

If you aren’t careful, bedtime can be crucial to your tresses. Taking proper hair precautions before going to bed will help to preserve that new “do” that you spent 8hrs in the salon to achieve and will prevent your hair from losing moisture, breakage and overall hair damage. Some women say that their bonnet comes off through the night (I can attest to that) so it may be important to pair your satin bonnet with a satin pillowcase for double the protection.

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Satin Sleep Bonnet

Bonnets Are A Form Of Sleepwear…..

….Meant for bedtime! If you say HELL NO to wearing your comfortable pajamas outside of the comfort of your home, then treat your bonnet in the same manner. I have been to pretty descent restaurants and have witnessed women rocking their bonnet as if its an accessory or the latest fashion trend.

If you are having a bad hair day and refuse for anyone to see you with disastrous hair… resort to throwing on a baseball cap or manipulating your hair in away that doesn’t make you fit the bill, “ratchet” as most are being labeled by the majority.

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Google Images: Rihanna In Baseball Cap vs Bonnet

The Way That Society Is Set Up

In no way shape or form do I want to come off as the girl who claims to have NEVER worn a bonnet in public, because then I’d be a liar! I HAVE but I don’t/wont anymore, I recognized the crazy stares and realized that it was lazy and made me look crazy and my mama raised be better than that.

Above all, we live in a society where we are judged on so many things beyond our control but your appearance… you have control over that.

Don’t give people the opportunity to put you in a box.



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