Boom! Goes the Beauty at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards

The 2014  MTV Video Music Awards arrived last night at the Inglewood Forum in California. The VMAs cause other awards shows to clutch their pearls as it holds the world-wide reputation of being the younger, more entertaining, more fun awards show that guarantees some shock-and-awe moments. We couldn’t possibly fit all the great looks we saw last night here, but check out a few of our favorite ladies strutting the red carpet in LA.

First up, we present the highly anticipated arrival of the Queen of this year’s VMAs, Mrs. Beyonce Carter. She threw the long, luscious blond locks, and looked back at it in her perfected awards show poses. Hair, face, body CHECK!


If anyone doubted that VMA opener Ariana Grande is ready for her debut as a grown-lady, you wouldn’t after last night. The deep red lips, high pony and heavily shaded eyes gave her a dominatrix vibe as compared with last year’s sweet, girly look.

Screenshot_2014-08-24-20-08-45-1 sev-2013-vma-best-dressed-ariana-grande-de

Nicki covered up more last night than the world has seen her all week, but she kept with the snake theme in her python sequin dress. She maintained her natural look of late with her hair and makeup, which showcased her beautiful face.


Kesha kicked off the night by offering her fans a preview of her multi-colored locks. She’s run the rainbow of colors already, so last night she gave them all to us, and umm, well not much else. Loving the heavily contoured eye in a rich brown hue with the pale pink lips too. (anybody else peep that Naked palette by Urban Decay?! It is one of the best values in eyeshadow, get you one!).


Jourdan Dunn served us bob-life realness last night on the red-carpet. Of course the body looked spectacular. She delivered grown-woman goodness with the subtly highlighted blond bob and bombshell makeup. Love the peachy pink lip and top lash only eyeliner. Gorgeous!

Screenshot_2014-08-24-19-46-17-1 Screenshot_2014-08-24-19-46-56-1-1

Amber, Iggy, Rita, and JLo kept the hair sleek and the makeup simple so as not to distract from all that body they served last night.

Screenshot_2014-08-24-20-55-09-1 Screenshot_2014-08-24-20-53-21-1 Screenshot_2014-08-24-20-52-56-1Screenshot_2014-08-24-20-52-42-1

Images courtesy of MTV and the artists listed Instagram accounts.


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