Boost Your Summer with These 6 Key Ingredients

Do you need an energy boost throughout the day? Are you settling for coffee or energy drinks all the time? If so, IT’S TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE! Try something different, healthy, and natural. The summer can be tiring due to the heat and various activities that take place; however, you do not have to settle for a sluggish day.  Boost your energy levels with natural ingredients that are inexpensive, easily accessible, and yummy treats that are easy to blend, easy to add -on to any dish, or  just simply good by itself.

These are the six key ingredients that will keep you moving:

  1. Berries: they provide a good amount of immune-boosting Vitamin C that helps keep things moving regularly.
  2. Bananas: Loaded with potassium, fiber, and B vitamins that will fuel the body with a substantial amount of natural energy.
  3. Citrus Fruits: Full of Vitamin C, natural sugar, and fiber that will replenish your energy levels.fruit
  4. Leafy Greens: They are considered the “Powerhouse” foods that keep energy levels up throughout the day with vitamin A, B, C,    K, Magnesium, and Iron.verde_greenveggie
  5. Nuts: These delicious and crunchy snacks are full of Magnesium and Protein to provide that quick pick-me-up you’re looking for when on the go.
  6. Seeds: They are an excellent source of fiber and protein that will help regulate your blood sugar during the day, especially Chia and Sunflower seeds.


These six energy boosting ingredients will pick you up at any time of the day from the early birds to the night owls. Keep your body moving by blending them together or eating them on their own.

Try this delicious  Simple Green Smoothies  recipe that will jump start your day:

Beginner’s Luck :

2 cups fresh spinach

2 cups water

1 cup pineapple

1 cup mango

2 bananas

Instructions: Blend spinach and water until smooth. Next, add the remaining fruits and blend again.

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