Born Again: Lil’ Kim Is Back!

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With the birth of her daughter Royal Regin, Lil Kim seems to have gotten her Sh*t together.  Earlier this week Kim dropped her version of Beyonce’s ‘Flawless’ remix. Since then she has not let up on Nicki Minaj, posting side by side photos of herself and Nicki captioned “Identity Theft”.

nicki minaj, lil kim, identity theft

For the second time this week Kimmy has dropped yet another lyrical fire bomb, with her ‘Hot N*gga’ freestyle. Seems like the original hip-hop barbie is trying to reclaim her title. With the release of female rap artist Remy Ma, and Minaj’s domination since stepping onto the scene Lil’ Kim is finally ready to get back in the game.


Kim announced the release of her mixtape “Identity Theft” and the streets have been going crazy! It is safe to say it is open season on Femcees right now! With Kim rapidly making her come back,  one has to wonder who else might come out of the woodworks? It also begs the questions, why now? After all this time, why is Kim just now going in on Nicki like this? Seems a little too late now that Nicki has switched up her look. 

In any case, even Lil’ Mama is feeling the heat. All week the young rappers ‘0 to 100’ freestyle has been making it’s way around the web. It has been unanimously decided that she definitely killed it. The ‘Lipgloss” rapper stunned fans with verses fit for any of today’s female rap contenders. It will be interesting to see just how things play out between hip-hop’s leading ladies.


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