Boutique Spotlight: iAMMI

“Make the Brand, Don’t Let the Brand Make You”, iAMMI.

Scrolling through countless fashion labels, brands, and designers. It can be rather hard to find a brand that relates personally to who you are. Every fashionista hopes to stumble upon that one amazing find that showcases their personal style. “Shop iAMMI brings a worldview of style and fashion right to you. Making it the ultimate online boutique shopping experience” (ShopiAMMI online).

Move over FashionNova, here comes iAMMI.


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With a play on words of “I Am Me, this exclusive boutique “symbolizes freedom to be yourself; a statement of take it or leave it, I-AM-Mi” (ShopiAMMI online). This online experience embraces women of all ages who dance to their own beat and know their style better than anyone. Confident, wild and self-aware there is something for all the shop iAMMI buyers. As they search for pieces from vintage boutiques to runways.

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ShopiAMMI was founded in 2012 by Deaven Reese. is a growing source for exclusive style offering new and vintage clothing, shoes and accessories. As a commercial and print model, Deaven Reese has found success in modeling, acting, print ad work, commercials, music videos, and movie cameos. Sought after for her styling talent and fashion deals this lead Deaven back to her first love, fashion.


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