Boy Band CTZEN Cover Fantasia’s “Without Me” {Official Music Video}

The band of brothers known as CTZEN, shake up Fantasia’s hit single, ‘Without Me,’ with their own eclectic, avante-garde rendition. The heartthrobs showcase their seamless harmonies, adding depth and originality to the club banger. The artistic video shot and directed by Ctzen’s Kelechi Kalu has a high-end luxury theme complete with subtle vengeance. The video illustrates a tale of cheating women taking advantage of the very men that introduced them to a life of success, leaving the boys to soulfully croon,

“What would you be with out me?”

“We chose to remake Fantasia’s ‘Without Me’ because we love her as an artist,” explains Calvin Seabrooks, 1/4 member of Ctzen. “We also wanted to do something R&B driven to showcase our range.”

Be sure to be on the look out for original music from Ctzen coming soon, as they are preparing to re-define the obsolete clichéd boy band. Known for fusing their unique musical talents to create a peerless harmony that’s infectious and immediate, their soulful melodies ignite nostalgia for authentic vocalists.

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