Curlkalon Hair “Curls with Confidence”- Brand Spotlight

Curlkalon Hair came on the scene with every intent to shift the game in the natural hair world.

And that they did…

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Curlkalon Hair

“A pre-curled brand of hair.. Tell me more!”

Curlkalon Hair is a protective styling brand that was the first to offer women pre-curled 100% synthetic hair designed to match their natural hair texture. They offer solutions to women who are looking for low maintenance hair care options, and is a cost-effective alternative to human hair. This brand strives to give every woman beautiful, bouncy and effortless hair that keeps her stylishly confident.

My first experience with this company was the! My client was eager to try this particular brand of hair for her first crochet experience.

These bouncy curls came in a nicely packaged box, making it easier to get into vs. tearing open plastic wrapping.

Who Is The Face Behind This Phenomenal Brand?

Curlkalon, Pre curled hair, protective style, natural hair, beauty, kontrol mag, kontrol
Shavone Riggins- Curlkalon Hair Founder/CEO

Shavone Riggins, Founder/CEO, used her 12 year natural hair experience as motivation to start up this company. As a mother of 6, she wanted to provide a less timely solution to a problem that most naturals experience. This highly successful company in under one year that has now shipped out millions of effortless curls providing “Curls with Confidence” to women worldwide.

How often do you come across a company whose sole mission is to provide a product that will allow them to spend less time on their hair.

There are so many naturalistas around the world who are moms, working 9-5s, entrepreneurs and just plain ol’ BUSY!

Aint’ NOBODY got time to be sitting in a beauty salon for hours!

If you need a protective style that will take the same amount of time it takes to wash and dry a load of laundry then this brand is for you!



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