Brandy Norwood Says She Feels ‘Strong’ After Breakup From Ryan Press

“Mo-to-the, e-to-the…”

When it comes to Brandy Norwood, she can vocally do no wrong in the eyes of her millions of fans. She’s been ranked by the Recording Industry Association of America as one of top selling female artists in the United States; not bad at all for the Grammy winner.

Many fans saw numerous televised excerpts where the 36-year-old expressed a deep desire for love. In 2012, that all changed when it was announced that she and producer Ryan Press were engaged.

She was even quoted about Press being a restorer for her faith in love saying:

“I had given up on love a long time ago. It just didn’t seem to work for me, so I was single for a very long time,” the Moesha star said. “I stopped looking for love and then I ran into my boyfriend.

Well, somebody must’ve “un-restored” that bad boy quicker than a line-up gone wrong at the barbershop.

No less, the singer caught up with MadameNoire and dished a bit on her new stint as Roxie Hart for Broadway’s “Chicago,” the ending of her engagement and more:

On wanting to play Roxie Hart:

I love Chicago! I think it’s such a great story. It’s edgy. It’s a musical and you know I love music. I just think Roxie is somebody different, and feisty, and colorful. And I’ve played feisty before! But this is a different feisty, a 1920s feisty. I just love her songs like “Me and My Baby” and “Roxie.” She just has great songs and I’m excited. I love her lines. Her lines are cool too.

On appearing in Lee Daniels’ “Empire”:

I love Jussie! Jussie is so supportive. I just love that kid and I’m so happy for him. I would love to be on Empire! I have hung out with Lee Daniels. Tasha Smith is one of my best friends. Jussie love me to death. I love Taraji, she’s one of my favorite actresses. So why not?! I can sing! I can act a little bit! C’mon ya’ll! Put me on Empire!

On Tara and Amina Buddafly remaking “The Boy Is Mine”:

Loooord. Okay, first of all, they shouldn’t be fighting over no man. I’m sorry I set that type of an example [laughs]. They’re strong and beautiful women and they deserve to be happy without all of that drama. And please don’t bring “The Boy Is Mine” into it! I feel responsible! [laughs]

On renewed strength post split from Ryan Press:

It took a while. It really did take a while. This last heartbreak was really hard, you know what I mean? It’s time. I just made a decision that even through heartbreak, you have to affirm that all will be well and in time you will feel better. And I feel better. I feel great! I feel strong. And I love it. I want everyone to feel strong because that’s when you can do it all–when you feel like you can.


Brandy should pull a page out of Kenya Moore’s book. Lil mama, just go ahead and call Patti the “Millionaire Matchmaker.” Clearly, she does a pretty good job with that two-drink maximum special.

Fans can catch Brandy in “Chicago” starting April 28 – June 21.

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