Breast milk Isn’t Just For Babies: 5 Interesting Uses For The Liquid Magic

Breast milk isn’t just a nutritious food the baby anymore, it’s actually has many other uses that you might find interesting… yet helpful.  So if you suffer from eczema or have a mosquito bite, you might want to ask your girlfriend who’s nursing for a bottle of her breast milk.









Ear and Eye Infection: A couple drops of breast milk will clear the infection right on up. Breast milk has natural antibodies that kills the infection and significantly eases the pain.

Mosquito bites and bee stings: Breast milk helps to relieve the pain and the itching.

Eczema: Rub a couple drops of breast milk on the affected area. It’s perfect because it’s gentle on the skin and doesn’t have any chemicals that could further irritate the skin.  It has natural moisturizers that help makes the skin smoother and softer.

Makeup Remover: It takes your makeup right off at night and makes a great facial cleanser.

Burns: The fat in breast milk helps accelerate healing and soothe burns.


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