Brett Favre Speaks Out For Tom Brady

With the whole situation behind Tom Brady’s suspension due to the New England Patriot’s Deflate Gate scandal, the question has been hot on every sports journalist’s notepad. Just recently, former NFL quarterback A.J Feeley claimed that the Patriots have been using doctored footballs since 2004. But when NFL future Hall Of Fame Brett Favre was asked about the scandal, he had a different opinion about the 10-time pro bowl quarterback.


FOX news asked Favre about the situation and this is what the former Packers/Jets/Vikings quarterback had to say:

“I don’t think by any stretch, in my opinion, that Tom was cheating. It sounds crazy. Historically, there’s been stealing of signs — and that goes to baseball and football. Just whatever advantage you could get. Lester Hayes putting Stickum on his arms for the Raiders. Pine tar. It’s just endless, the advantages that players would try to get.”

“I don’t know if Tom can honestly say he has completed more passes because of it. I think more than anything, it helped with the grip based on conditions. Not every game. And would other players do it? Sure, I have no reason to think otherwise.”

What do you guys think about the deflate gate scandal and Brady’s suspension? Do you think Brady and the Patriots are guilty of cheating or is it just a clever strategy?

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