Bump Style:Celebs That Rocked Their Pregnancies

Oh the joys of motherhood! Once you discover you’re pregnant, the body starts to transform overnight. Morning sickness, fatigue, weight gain, and being an emotional wreck is expected when a woman has a bun in the oven. The biggest worry that comes to most women’s mind is “How can I still look stylish without looking frumpy?” Who wants to wear big over sized clothes and feel not so pretty? There is no need to fret. I have a list of celebrities that rocked their pregnancies with flare and comfort. Add these looks to your look book to stay hot and motherly at the same time.


This dress is perfect for warm weather. It is also fashionable, flowy, and perfect for all stages of pregnancy. The halter top provides great support for full breast. Halle added some spunk with funky eye wear and multiple necklaces.

Halle Preggo2 $218 Michelle Jonas Long Halter Keyhole Dress



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