Burberry’s Buy-Now Show.

By: Eric Kelley II 


London’s Fashion Week officially kicked off yesterday starting on a good foot with none other than the iconic London England Fashion House Burberry.  As always it seems to be London to be world’s biggest trendsetters being the most forward thinkers in fashion. Burberry continues this by having the new trendy Buy-Now Fashion Show. Creative Director, Christopher Bailey presented the fashion show yesterday and giving the public the option of pre-ordering and purchasing the pieces right away. This gives customers the instant gratification that this generation seeks often.


Britain Fashion Week Burberry

For Burberry’s Buy-Now Fashion show went into gender-neutral/gender-bending territory with their new collection. The posture of the collection is inspired by the book ‘Orlando’ by Virginia Woolf. This where modern meets an Elizabethan style with ruffled collars, oversized knits, flared bottoms, and outerwear pieces with oversized tailoring for the collection. They add a tad bit of fun with a slight pajama collection with elements of sophistication and louche.  



Pieces included in the collection:


Sports-Striped Wool Sweater, $895


Tumbled Ramie Cotton Twill Field Jacket, $1495


Washed Suede Chelsea Boots, $595


Herringbone Wool Mohair Alpaca Blend Chesterfield Coat, $2795


Ruff Color Cotton Voile Tunic Shirt, $595


Now that Burberry is making things less exclusive and easier to grab right off the runway, you’re sure to see this collection all over the world very soon. As always, stay fly trendsetters.



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