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Buying Suits Online? 6 Tips For Men To Consider Before Purchasing

Buying Suits Online? 6 Tips For Men To Consider Before Purchasing



A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.” ~ Unknown

With New York Fashion Week behind us, we didn’t really see a lot of menswear highlighted much. However, actor David Oyelowo made us men take a second look at a little color while attending this year’s Oscars.

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals : News Photo

Male designers such as Michael Costello (New York) and Jim Moore (Paris) are just a few who featured some great suit choices for men who want to elevate their suit game.

A suit is a pivotal component to any man’s wardrobe. It says “I’m here, I’m grown and I care about being taken seriously” even if just for a moment.

Look, a lot of us still like a fitted, the latest chucks, J’s or whatever sneaks grabs our attention, but at some point that suit game will need to have a relationship with your closet.

From a realistic standpoint, a lot of us have budgets that we have to stick to. However, that doesn’t mean we exempt ourselves from the luxury of some polished threads.

If you’re in the market for a new suit and use shopping online as your tool, GQ has provided a list of helpful hints that can get you started.

Check out their list of must-do’s when catering you suit needs:

  1. Getting to Know Your Size

There are many ways to measure yourself online to figure out if you’re a 40R or 40L. Bypass these types and just have someone measure you in person for better accuracy. You can do things such as visiting your local tailor or any place that specializes in suits. The catch about going to a tailor is that even though obtaining your measurements may be free, allow your courtesy window to open and offer a tip. A tailor ain’t Burger King, courtesy can help make things go “your way.”


  1. Make Purchases from Experts:

Look, nothing is wrong with an H&M suit or even Express however, your goal is to obtain a vital component to your wardrobe. That means, invest in companies who cater solely to the look of a man. Try J. Crew, Club Monaco,  heck even a Macy’s and get familiar with the workers who are educated in the detailing of a suit should fit your body type. By doing so, you’ll get the best needed to shine in front of a crowd. This will tie into your measurements because you’ll be able to go in, know what you need and minimize on time.


  1. Pay Attention to the Small Things:

It’s not just the suit that’s necessary, but the details as well. A lot of men think a handkerchief and tie are the only accessorized details that will make a suit come to life. Think about lapel, buttons on the cuff. Linen, cotton, or wool type suits? A vest inside? Check out Mens for some added ideas. Ask questions to add to your pallet of knowledge as you navigate what will look good on you.


  1. Sticking To The Basics

Look, on the “for-real, for-real,” if you know you haven’t familiarized yourself plaid, four pocket pants, double-breasted suits or other terms that seem foreign to you, pull a page out of Christina Aguilera’s 2006 album – “Back to Basics.” Stick to solid colors, pinstripes and everything simple that you know. The journey for a more “adventurous” type should be explored in person when you decided to invest the time to do so.


  1. Oh, Where’s My Tailor?

Yeah, the tailor is going to be the “homie” in the world of suits. Just because you got the suit delivered doesn’t mean you’re “done” yet. Here’s where some men have a problematic area of concern. We can get a suit and sure, it “fits,” but you want the best features to be appreciated which means TAILOR TIME! A tailor can help finish off the details such as the hem, shortened sleeves, tucking in the middle of your jacket for your waist. Some men are gym-bodied bulky, while others may be average or have a little meat on their bones. The point is, just like women, WE NEED TO KNOW OUR BODY TYPE.


  1. Getting Great Deals And Sales

We’re going to remove the word “cheap” from our vocabulary for just a few seconds. Don’t worry, a trip to Dollar General is still the business when it comes to purchasing household goods however; we are not trying to adopt that simplicity for now. Check out MensWearhouse.com or even Jos A. Bank.com because both have solid reputations on delivering what’s needed within a good budget.  This is when the phrase “being a cheap a**” doesn’t work. You’ve got to spend a little to get a little and this is doable. Look for great deals, but don’t cheat yourself too low. You need to look good in what you do as well with some type of quality to show for it.

At the end of the day, looking good can be accomplished with knowledge, a “how-to” attitude, trial and error, but being assertive towards your needs.


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