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Camille Gonzalez: Faithful Fitness LLC

Camille Gonzalez: Faithful Fitness LLC

Faith + Fitness = Fulfillment. Camille Gonzalez, certified personal trainer and public health educator, casually conceived that formula to describe the core values of her holistic fitness enterprise, Faithful Fitness LLC. Camille believes that aligning spirituality with a structured fitness regimen, is an infallible means to optimal wellness. Which part of the formula have you been missing?

The battle to achieve overall wellness is much too familiar; not to mention the conflicting desire for both, six-pack ab definition and chocolate turtle cupcakes, at the very same time. The struggle can become terribly real. But is this formula the means to an end?


Faithful Fitness LLC

I had a talk with Camille about health, wellness, and what she believes to be the channel to total fulfillment.

“Anything you do in the arena of fitness or wellness, you really have to have a strong connection to faith”, Camille explains. But the decision to follow the formula, is ultimately yours. Camille encourages clients to embrace the connection, but she doesn’t force the issue. She does offer personal training services, a la carte, for those who prefer to focus strictly on the physical.

Camille’s key interest, however, is in exactly what it is that individual clients can commit to. The fundamental concept of Faithful Fitness LLC is geared towards using personalized programs to achieve ideal results. She expounds,

“[physical activity] is going to be specialized to the person, and it’s going to be tied to their ability to connect deeper than just reps and sets”.

Her target is to get people to consider what their ultimate health goals are, and why.

The public health pundit, however, is not oblivious to just how supremely visual the world has become. She understands the enduring influence of vanity consuming the fitness industry now. But she hopes to reach people beyond the mirror.

 “When I talk about taking care of yourself, it’s not just physical. It’s mental, emotional and most importantly, spiritual”.

Camille Gonzalez also delights in maintaining an innate sense of community. She has the natural ability to effectively communicate the basics of fitness and wellness to people of all walks of life. She frequently, and openly replies to several health-related questions via her email and social media accounts daily, as an extension of her passion project.

Sure, Gonzalez has more than a decade of experience as a personal trainer. But she deeply wants to offer you an intrinsic experience as well. One that she believes to be invaluable. In addition to achieving physical fitness, she is offering total, comprehensive wellness.



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