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Can Men Wear Makeup?

Can Men Wear Makeup?

Imagine wearing a white shirt for lunch with “Bae.” He is the envy of all. As you embrace him, he apologizes for getting makeup on your shirt. What do you do, say, and/or feel? Can men wear makeup?


Vanity, masculinity and ego are the equivalent to oil and water. Vanity is seen as a bad thing, when in excess. However, hygiene and caring about one’s appearance is just a sign of good manner. Masculinity is a word used to sum up many things, but it’s a false way to sum up being a “man” and it’s right next door to ego. But the question still remains: Can men wear makeup?


The idea of a man wearing makeup may seem odd, when you think about the everyday guy. However, men have been wearing makeup for decades. This is not a new trend. Your favorite male-hunk actor or public figure wears makeup too.

Can Men Wear Makeup: Prince

Men wearing makeup seeming taboo comes from one’s imagination. The image that some will have is a man in full glam makeup. Even then, it’s OK, but the average man that would wear makeup to cover imperfections.


When it comes to men in makeup, the everyday look would more than likely consist of concealer to hide dark spots or discoloration. The foundation would be used to create the illusion of perfect skin. There would be no need for eye shadows or colorful lips. The goal is the image of perfection.

Can Men Wear Makeup?
A man with makeup

On the other hand, some men will create the full glam look for everyday. It comes down to personal taste. Even then, the goal is the image of perfection and creativity.


In closing, the answer to the before mention question is yes. Men can wear makeup. The idea is nothing new. Men in makeup has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Some men may want to look like a more picture perfect version of themselves. Other men in makeup may want to creatively express themselves. It’s up to the individual. Live and let slay!

Can Men Wear Makeup: EJ Johnson
EJ Johnson


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