Can Michael Sam be an NFL Star?

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Michael Sam is known more so for his bravery for coming out as the first publicly gay player to be drafted to the NFL. Sam doesn’t have much recognition as a noteworthy athlete. He has trail blazed mainstream media with his story and he’s gotten opportunities that most could only dream of. Could Sam become a name that isn’t solely attached to his sexual orientation or better yet will he be looked at as a NFL player who is gay and not a gay NFL player.alouettes-sam-football



  1. Due to the numbers of trades it’s obvious that he hasn’t found a home that’s suitable for him. Possibly, teammates don’t want to deal with the scrutiny that will come from having an openly gay player. His story makes for good television or maybe a good docu-series but it also takes away from the focus on the team.
  2. He isn’t the best on the gridiron, Sam was drafted in St. Louis Rams as seventh round pick – 249 out of 256 players. His performance at the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine was pretty disappointing as well. His poor performance on the field has resulted in two trades since the he was first drafted.
  3. His story has taken on a life of itself so where every he goes he will out shine the team he’s with or at least until being gay in football becomes as normal as butt pats and high-fives.
  4. Sponsorships, when Sam came out in the beginning it was a noble move that changed the way people view homosexuality in football. Whatever team would have him would have to make sure that they would still promote sportsmanship, increase their business and continue to uphold the athlete’s image. Sponsors can’t hold up their end of the bargain if their player can’t excel at the tasks initial focus that is to excel at football.
  5. Recently he was dismissed from his team in the Canadian Football league. Initially Sam left for “personal reasons,” but now he’s been placed on the team’s suspended list.

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