Cardi B Hacked!?

Fireworks were’nt the only thing poppin’ for the fourth. Cardi B‘s Twitter feed was LIT last night! But maybe just a little too lit. 

A series of tweets rapidly stacked up on Cardi’s page. However, the rant was just vulgar and disparaging enough to help us all conclude that this was probably not Cardi typing. It couldn’t have been…right?

The tweets coming in called out Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Durk, and Selena Gomez to name a few.

The first tweet to set things in motion was a retweet from a cryptic account that used the handle “OWN”:

Subsequent tweets solicit follows and retweets of the mysterious account. The avi of the account is obviously vague, just a black screen with an exclamation point serving as the name.

Next up, the hacker boasts claims about sexual encounters with rappers, Lil’ Durk and 21 Savage, as well as Justin Bieber:

And what hacker would hack the account of a female rapper, and not attempt to incite beef with Nicki Minaj?

Whoever had access to her account also tweeted and retweeted Cardi B’s song lyrics, remixed Nicki Minaj lyrics, and gave random shout outs to top it all off.

This all went on for a little more than an hour before Cardi B, we assume…finally took to Twitter herself :

Nikki T

Lifestyle/Entertainment writer for Kontrol Magazine; Freelance Editor/Blogger