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Carnal Chloe by Ruckiya Ross

Carnal Chloe by Ruckiya Ross

Carnal Chloe JPEGCarnal Chloe is this season’s guilty read, as it is a story about carnality. Yes, that weak flesh in you and me. And especially Chloe C, and she is naughtily hoping her new friend Jay B. She meets him and is instantly ready to have a little adult fun. You see, yesss. You see . . . well . . . as soon as she can get rid of her pesky client Shelly . . . the thorn in her eye.This is the story about a girl who was not looking for love or Mr.Right. Nope, Chloe C was the anti-girl: she didn’t have the desire to be anyone’s wife. Instead she was just looking for a good shag, and good shopping: gifts, trinkets, trips, cash, check or credit. You get it, sponsorship, fun for the night. And if it was fancy fun . . . maybe even . . . fun for some time . . . but fun . . . only fun . . . and of course the best fun . . . receiving funds . . .yes, FUN . . . definitely nothing serious . . . and certainly in fact . . . nothing for life. No. None of that. SHE WANTED NOTHING TO DO WITH A HUSBAND OR KIDS . . . as she didn’t want to chase after the little sticky handed things . . . nor did she want to answer to a man who thought he owned her because of a ring. No. She wanted to live the fabulous life and be selfish-no babies and no marriage. That is until that day in August of 2013 when she met Jay Blackwell . . . and he put something different on her mind. Love . . . family . . . forever?Read as Chloe C. takes you through the crazy course of events from the day she was reintroduced to love . . . after damn near fifteen years of dodging it. And oh yeah, please forgive her . . . sometimes she can be a bit crass-that mouth! Ooh. Watch out . . .I caution you to read at your own risk.





I am going to share the ART copy of the novel and maybe you can choose the excerpt.

Author Info~

Ruckiya Ross is a wife, step-mommy and child of the most high GOD. While her professional background is in speech-language therapy. Naturally, a creative spirit at heart, she is a founding member of August Bloom: a high-style floral and event design company that has been featured in many media publications: CS Modern Luxury, Uptown Magazine and Essence Magazine.

Having used her creative juices to design flowers for celebrities like Chicago Bulls Star Derrick Rose and BWLA star Malaysia Pargo and many high profile organizations like Chicago Urban League and Jack and Jill of America. She has now decided to put her floral design business on hold and focus her creative energy on storytelling.However, with no formal writing training, she describes herself as a reader who by the GRACE OF GOD was able to write a novel.


Get to know Chloe:

1.Why do you not like to refer to yourself as a writer?

Because having no formal writing training…I just see myself as more of a reader who was fortunate enough to be able to write a book. I do see myself as an artist though. But I will say this…seeing the actual finished product, I am certainly starting to embrace the label of author. It is kind of a big deal, huh? He he. *black girl blushing*…ALL GLORY BE TO GOD.

2. Well since you’re not a writer, what made you write Carnal Chloe?

I had just gotten laid off from my day job and I was trying to figure my next move. My background is in education,so initially I was focusing my attention there. But like two days before I started to write this story, out of nowhere (or maybe it was GOD trying to tell me something) my mind really started racing with thoughts of this character. It was so bad that it was keeping me up at night. Like seriously, the voice of Chloe Carter was on repeat in my head. I could not get these one-liners out of my head. Stuff like, “If I guy wants to get close to me, he has to be writing checks or banging out backs”…It was not until I set down at the computer and the words started to flow outwardly that I was able to get Crazy Chloe out of my head.

3. Is the character, Chloe Carter, your alter ego?

Absolutely not. Yeah, I am crazy but I am just regular crazy–think, sensitive artist crazy. Chloe Carter is next dimension crazy. She is a real trip (like I need a vacation after dealing with you type of trip). Put it like this, she is so crazy she actually thinks she is a real person. For real, the girl needs help…matter of fact, I am going to just let her answer the rest of these here questions. You’ll see…

4.Well, who is Chloe Carter?

Chloe Carter is that bitch. The baddest one. Indeed, I am her and she is me. A dope chick from Chicago…real estate broker by day…and pimp by night. Well, used to be. But I get more into that when I tell you my story–you gotta buy the book for the juicy deets. But while we’re on the subject of the book, you know, I actually resent the fact that little Miss Ruckiya is sitting here trying to act like I am a figment of her imagination. How disrespectful is that? Like I am the REALEST you will ever meet. I should slap her…but I won’t cause she knew what was good for her–she made sure to acknowledge me on that book cover. Yeah, she better had.

5. Okay, so who is the actual author of ‘Carnal Chloe’ ?

Technically, Ruckiya Ross.I’ll give her that. She was the one who slaved away at the computer writing out this tale for your reading pleasure. But it is still my story doggone it, so like I said, she knew what was good for her and she gave me my proper credit.

6. So Chloe, you say, it’s your story, but Ruckiya is the author…well, how did she get access to your story?

This is going to sound crazy as hell. But whatever, can’t say I care about your opinion or anybody else’s for that matter (Well, maybe Jay Blackwell’s, but whatever) as I was saying…I channeled her from the “fictional, crazy dimension” I live in–yeah, it sounds bonkers right? But it’s true…I got all up in her head like a mind ninja and made her write this story. That’s why she thinks I am a figment of her imagination. Yep, I’m just that slick with it.

7.Well alright…last question, what is your favorite book?

Are you asking my, Chloe Carter’s, favorite book…or Ruckiya Ross’s favorite book? Mine personally, I have two: “Coldest Winter Ever” and ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’…at this point in life, Ruckiya is pretty vanilla, she would probably say the Bible. Not that I don’t like the Bible–seriously I love me some Jesus–I am just specifying for the purposes of this interview.

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Carnal Chloe on Goodreads

Honestly, I haven’t really done much with these, but here are the links just in case:
Email for readers- Carnalchloe@gmail.com




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