What Does Cee-Say?- Thee Boutique Shop’s Cupcakes and Cocktails Pop Up Shop

This past Friday, I attended Thee Boutique Shop’s Cupcake and Cocktails Pop Up Shop. I had the opportunity to sit down for a mini interview about the origins of the boutique and what they have in store for us with the designer and Ceo Imadelle Previllon, who by the way looked amazing in their skin tight “Hollywood Mermaid dress”.

The event was held at celebrity hairstylist Ming Lee’s Hair salon, Snob Studios.During the event you were able to shop with Thee boutique Shop and also cupcake mafia while mingling and enjoying some delicious cupcakes. There was a special guest appearance by Traci Steele (107.9 Dj & Love and Hip Hop reality star) and makeup services by celebrity makeup artist Marsha Saintil.


Check out the interview below:

 Who created Thee Boutique Shop and what was the concept behind it?

“originally it was cupcakes and vodka brand prior to doing clothing we were doing custom shoes, and we just figured for dresses a lot of people cant find exclusive pieces so in order for us to reach that market we decided to go ahead and start making dresses, our dresses are very limited, and usually sells out in a hour.”

Where did the name Cupcakes and Vodka stem from?

“Cupcakes and Vodka derived from being really girly but still having a kick to it, that’s were vodka comes in at.”

I noticed that you have a big following online as far as instagram and twitter , do you guys plan on opening up a actual brick a mortar?

“we do but we are so short staff because its a family business. My sister is my partner but she’s more behind scenes so we don’t have enough people to open up a brick a mortar, also a majority of our market is national we don’t sell to a lot of people in Miami which is where we are located but we have a lot of customers everywhere else.”

How do you guys go about picking the items you want to create for the boutique?

When we go to the fabric stores anything that jumps out that I would wear is what basically what we’ll sell. A lot of times I would get something and I would think nobody would like it and it will sell like hotcakes. You just have to go with your gut and that’s what I do when  I pick out the fabrics ”

What is the price range for your pieces, whats the lowest you will not go under and highest you will not go over?

Well we can go over anything the sky is the limit lol. We do custom orders so if you were to do it that way it would be more costly, but we do have swim suits for 19.99 which are on sale for 40% off. Our most expensive pieces are around 179 (the body suits with the cut outs).

So would you say your price range is very affordable?

Yes its very affordable we have a lot of people say that we are so inexpensive for the items that we sell, which I think its good because a lot of people who go to parties are young and not into their careers yet and we want to make sure that they are still able to afford our pieces too.

Whats next for Thee Boutique Shop?

Well the next step most likely would be an actual store. we haven’t decided for sure yet but we want to open up in Atlanta. we came to Atlanta to  look for a space before but didn’t have enough time but we are planning to comeback because we think Atlanta would be the best place to start up a store.


The Boutique Shop is definitely on the come up check out my some of my favorite pieces below:


Event Photos by : Lorenzo Smith 

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