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Celebrity Fitness Expert Corey Calliet Sculpts the Bodies of Hollywood’s Best

Celebrity Fitness Expert Corey Calliet Sculpts the Bodies of Hollywood’s Best

Corey Calliet
Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard

Fitness and health have progressively become lifestyle staples in the lives of most people. It’s not only popular to work out and eat clean but a normalized part of everyday living in today’s society. Long before it was cool to be fit, Corey Calliet adopted his healthy lifestyle, which he was able to translate into a profitable business model. Today, he is a celebrity fitness expert who has trained some Hollywood’s most recognizable bodies and appeared on national television with his unique style of training.

As a personal trainer, Corey is usually a behind-the-scenes type of guy. He’s the man behind your leading actor before the lights, camera, and action. However, not too long ago he stepped into the spotlight when he agreed to appear in E!’s Revenge Body. Not only were viewers impressed by his bodybuilder physique, but they were captivated by his “No Bullcrap” style of training. His particular episode gained the attention of millions and introduced him to the world.

“When you think about me, you think about the architectural form of an artist or an engineer, someone who’s building and crafting something. I do the same thing to a body. My style of training is very intense and mental. You have to be able to focus on what you’re doing in reps and sets to create the body that you want. At the end of the day, the body is the only thing that we can control and change to look how we want it to look like.”

Created by Khloe Kardashian, the show depicts average people working toward a fitness goal. However, the twist is that their motivation isn’t simply better health or good looks, but the opportunity to use their newfound appearance and confidence to make peace with a person who or event that has wronged them. It’s like giving them a second chance at life.

Corey Calliet
Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard

On the show, Corey is noted for having a hardcore, no excuses attitude when it comes to his clients. It’s a practice that is derived from the way that he treats his clients in real life; celebrity or not. No matter the obstacle, Corey is the guy to push you through it. When you want to give up, he’s the man that won’t give you the easy way out. It’s that type of mentality that makes him one of the most effective trainers around.

“He [Michael B. Jordan] had no muscles before me.”

Corey’s celebrity clientele includes actors Michael B. Jordan, John Boyega, Lance Gross, Angela Bassett, and model Jasmine Sanders; just to name a few. Off camera, he’s exactly the same guy that you see coming through the television. However, if you’re not his client you’ll probably get a couple of more laughs and smiles from the straight-faced intense trainer.

Before he was the go-to trainer for celebrities, he was a kid straight out of New Orleans. More specifically, a hustler from the streets who made it his mission to get away from the violence and illegal activities that he grew up around. You can probably guess that he was most likely an athlete, but a lot of people don’t know that he was a band geek as well. As a teenager, he participated in his high school marching band as a drum major. It wasn’t until college that he decided to get into fitness.

When Corey started beefing up it wasn’t for all the right reasons, however, he managed to make his time in the gym pay off in the end. Like so many of his clients, his initial motivation was to look good. He wanted to impress women and thought that muscles, abs, and big pecs were the way to do it. As he continued to work on his physique, his passion for fitness and health grew beyond trying to achieve an appealing look. Eventually, he subscribed to the bodybuilder lifestyle, which caused him to take his fitness and health more seriously; allowing him to pursue a career in personal training.

Corey Calliet
Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard

At the beginning of his career, Corey relocated from New Orleans to Baton Rouge and dominated the area as a personal trainer. There he was discovered and offered to train actor Michael B. Jordan for the 2015 20th Century Fox film Fantastic Four. That film set in motion Corey’s progression as a celebrity fitness expert and motivated him to move to Los Angeles to further his career. Michael was also Corey’s first celebrity client and the two have worked together ever since. Their work can be seen in other films like Creed and Black Panther.

Though he’s able to get his clients to places that they’ve never dreamed of in a short amount of time, for Corey it’s more about mentality than anything else. He’s a big believer in the notion that mental strength and the right attitude are necessary weapons for any type of change. On Revenge Body, we get to see him push his clients while disregarding excuses. Let’s just say a little throw up isn’t a good enough reason to take a break in Corey’s book.

His style is his own interpretation of multiple experiences that he’s encountered over the years. It’s first rooted in his New Orleans upbringing, where weakness wasn’t a luxury that one could afford. As time went on, he incorporated old-school methods of bodybuilding, experiences with other trainers, and packaged it all into the Corey Calliet style of training.

“Find something that you love or make the decision to make the change to your life, because if you don’t make the decision in your mind first and want it bad enough, you’re not going to do it. So find something that you love, whether it’s running, boxing, swimming, hiking; any type of exercise that you love that you’re not going to quit, and find the fun in it first.”

At his core, he simply wants to inspire people. Corey believes that his purpose is to help people make necessary changes in their everyday lives to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. In a way, that’s exactly what he does in his profession.

“Every time you see me on TV now, you’re going see me look better. This last season when you saw me working out I was jacked up; looking good. Next season, I’m going to make that look worse. I’m going to make it look like it was nothing.”

As a personal trainer, he’s responsible for helping people to make physical, mental, and lifestyle changes in the arena of health and fitness. However, Corey wants to work beyond that to encourage positive self-esteem, purpose-driven determination, fearless living, and a strong work ethic. It’s his service to others that makes Corey’s profession and life most fulfilling, and his goal is to affect the lives of everyone from elementary children to 80-year-old retired veterans.

“My worst habit is that when I’m tired I like to munch. And I ain’t trying to munch on no celery stick or carrots. I want a bag of potato chips. I love potato chips and I love trail mix. That’s my kryptonite.”

In the next couple of years, Corey sees himself progressing further in his career and becoming a bigger deal than he already is. He plans on launching a personal training company that will spread his style of training. He also sees himself stepping further into the spotlight, possibly through appearing in movies and television shows. What’s most exciting is his upcoming merchandise and clothing line. If you could get half the muscles that Corey has, why not buy some workout gear from him; maybe at least you’ll look more fit.

Corey Calliet
Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard

Right now, Corey Calliet is a notable name referring to the man behind the top guys. However, within 3-4 years Corey Calliet will become a household name. This is just the beginning for a simple guy out of New Orleans with a lot of passion, determination, and one hell of a body. As Corey continues to progress, so will his likeness and that’s something that everyone will want to see; if they haven’t already.


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