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Celebrity Inspired Casual Winter Outfits

Celebrity Inspired Casual Winter Outfits


Celebrity Inspired Casual Winter Outfits

It’s “BRICK” outside!  That’s the slang terminology my friends and I use when it’s literally freezing outside and you don’t want to leave the house.  Staying is the house sounds like a great idea when it comes to the week days after a hard day of work.  Of course, you would rather be cozy in your leg warmers and button down “boyfriend” top, but your social life just won’t let up on the week end.  That dear friend’s birthday or the charity event you promised to attend is coming up and you have the slightest idea what to wear.  Personally, wearing anything goes in the winter.  Seriously!  The idea is to stay warm and cute at the same time.  Who said there are any rules to dressing up when it comes to your fashion taste?  That’s what makes you the stylish woman that you are.  You can come in the party with a super cute bomber jacket while everyone is wearing a black blazer and still shine!  The idea of always remaining true to your style isn’t always about being properly dressed for the occasion, but being present in the moment to enjoy those around you.  Who ever said, “I had a great time with such and such, but all she did was sit there and look cute.”  NO ONE!  Looking cute is great and impressive, but having a more profound conversation and taking interest in other people’s life is what matters the most.  Besides, how do you build a real relationship with others by simply looking your best?  That might just break the ice when it comes to meeting a complete stranger.  Another stylish gal might come up to you to say, “cute boots!” and there goes the start of a possible healthy and productive friendship.  So, the next time you decide to step into this “BRICK” weather, go out with style like these celebrities such as Taylor SwiftKarrueche, Kelly Rowland who I have picked out for you as a point of inspiration.  However, let your presence be greater than the shell.  Be engaging!  Have FUN!

Well, there you have it!  Thanks for reading.  Follow me on IG @RosvieStyle

Karrueche Kelly Rowland Taylor Swift


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