Celebrity Style Spotter: Lil’ MAMA

The world first came to know Lil’ Mama when she dropped  her catchy hit single “Lip Gloss.” These days Lil’ Mama is popping and let’s just say it’s not because of the Lip Gloss.

in her teenage years she caught our attention and now not only is she catching our attention she’s demanding it.

Lil' Mama
Lil’ Mama Image by Instagram @lilmama

Lil’ Mama’s Killer Comeback

That’s right, bye Lil’ Mama and HELLO Niatia. Ms. Niatia Jessica Kirkland to be exact. The beautiful entertainer, rapper, dancer, tv personality and Brooklyn native is making a complete comeback. What do you know about her? She was the host of the popular TV show America’s Best Dance Crew for seven seasons. She was even cast as Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez in VH1’s CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.

Well, these days we do know that every time we see her she is giving us nothing, but a good slayage.

Just check her out on the red carpet of the 2017 Bet Awards. The world could not deny her beauty as she graced the carpet in a beautiful nude gown.

Lil' Mama
Lil’ Mama Bet Awards red carpet 2017 Image by Perez Hilton.com

Her style has definitely evolved since the start of her career. She transformed her image as a rapper into something more mature, chic, and sophisticated.  All we know is, we like what we see.

No one knows what to expect from here next and I have a pretty good feeling she will keep us guessing. No matter what it is I’m sure we are all excited for what the future has in store for her. So here’s to a killer comeback!


Lil' Mama
Lil’ Mama Image by Instagram @lilmama

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