Nicki Minaj Rolling Out Joi Pearson 2

Celebrity Style Spy: Nicki Minaj

This past weekend many celebrities hit the streets of Las Vegas such as Diddy, Cassie, TI, and even the sexy Hip-Hop diva Nicki Minaj. Nicki has took a completely 360 with her style now, the female rapper went from loud and trashy to classy and sexy, and she definitely demonstrated that this weekend with many prints.



Nicki looked supper cute while posing with Cassie in this bodycon two-print dress, and it complemented her curvy shape too. I’m loving the texture and fun polka dots too. Great prints to incorporate for the summer.



Now this hypnotizing piece Nicki is strutting in the hotel lobby is a style and trend for the bold, mixing prints with other prints. The look is very different, but looks effortless when worn and pieced together the right way. In my opinion Nicki Minaj pulled to print matching trend off in Las Vegas, she picked a basic and wild one that both complicated each other.

What do our readers think? Do we love or hate this trend Nicki was rocking this weekend?

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