Celebrity Stylist Ashley North Talks Life, Kevin Hart, and Fashion!

Written by: Mark Pollard

Ashley North is best known for her notable fashion selects for client and megastar Kevin Hart, along with appearing on E! Networks WAGS LA. Ashley’s striking beauty and fashion influence have positioned her to be known as one of the most influential fashion stylists in the entertainment industry. We recently caught up with this mother of two and fiancée of NFL player Dashon Goldson, to talk about her life as a celebrity stylist, entrepreneur, and of course fashion!

ashley north
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Raised in Seattle, Ashley graduated from The University of Washington with a degree in Communications, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her lifelong dream of working in fashion.

“Fashion has always been something that I loved since I was very young but I think it was after I graduated from college that I realized that I wanted to make it my career.” Ashley continues, “I assisted a few really amazing stylists and learned so much from them. Assisting is really the best way to prepare and learn how to be a stylist!”

Now as a Creative Director and Stylist on her own. She has collaborated with major brands like H&M and her work has graced the pages of Rolling Stone, Complex, Fader, Entertainment Weekly, and The Hollywood Reporter to name a few.

Ashley got her start working alongside Grammy award-winning, international superstar Usher.  Through Usher she began styling Justin Bieber, curating his style in his initial years as an artist. However, it wasn’t until meeting her current client Kevin Hart, that her name and brand would become ever so popular in the celebrity stylist industry.

“Kevin was actually my very first client on my own after assisting for a few years. I’ve been working with him now for 10 years. I met him out and about and gave him my card. He ended up calling me a few months later to dress him for a BET show he was doing and the rest is history!”

From there Ashley has gone on to style dozens of names in music, film, television, and sports including J. Cole, Dashon Goldson (San Francisco 49ers), and Jordan Clarkson (LA Lakers) to name a few. With over a decade of experience, Ashley has successfully turned emerging talent into best-dressed A-listers.

“Communication is extremely important and I think it is key to creating long-term relationships with your clients. Before I start a job I always like to have a conversation with my clients to talk about what their vision is and how I can implement that for them. I think it’s always important to incorporate your clients own personal style along with mine to create a look that is fly but also works for them.”

Ashley’s keen sense of style has afforded her many great opportunities within fashion and now she’s taking over home décor with her first collection of scented candles called “An Style Candles”.

“I’ve always been a candle lover and as I was beginning to think about launching my lifestyle brand it was a natural thing to do.”  North continues, “I first really got into it when my fiancé and I bought our first house and I started decorating it and realized how much I loved doing it. I feel like being a stylist it was a very natural transition into home décor. The candles will be available online on my website and in select boutiques.”

ashley north
Photo Credit: Meech Ward

With a booming career shining brightly in all things fashion, North gives a little advice for those upcoming stylists working hard to hit it big time.

“The first piece of advice that I like to give aspiring stylists is to definitely pursue assistant work with a stylist that they admire. I think it’s important to learn the game before just jumping in and there’s really no class that can teach you styling. The best way to learn is from someone who has been successful at it.  You have to be bold and persistent in this line of work because there are a lot of people who want to be stylists right now. Take the initiative to track down a stylist that you like and ask to intern with them. The worst thing they can say is no and then move on to the next.”

Celebrity stylist Ashley North is taking over the industry by storm. With creating her own path in fashion including ideas for a clothing line, home décor, and creative directing. What’s next for Ashley North?

“My goal is to launch an entire lifestyle brand, continue styling, and also I would love to get back on TV and do fashion correspondent work.”

For more on Ashley North and her growing fashion empire check out her website ashleynorthstyle.com and don’t forget to follow her on social media @ashleynorthstyle. You’re dope for reading!

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