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#CelebrityCrush- Candice Patton

Superheroes and their love interests go together like peanut butter and jelly; they are good by themselves but amazing together! Lois Lane, Mary Jane Watson, Betty Ross, Gwen Stacy–these are just a few of the leading ladies to amazing heroes we have come to know and love. Still, none of them hold up to the television’s latest version of the Flash’s future wife, Iris West, played by none other than Candice Patton! Candice to say the very least is a very talented actress, bringing to life one of comics’ most enduring loves.



When it was first announced that The CW’s The Flash, would follow suit with DC Comics’ New 52 version of Iris West as an African-American woman, many fans were furious. The Flash has been on for two years now, and thanks to Candice’s moving and strong portrayal of Iris, that controversy has mostly subsided. We are not surprised though, especially you look at her. Patton has skin like butter, a smile that could outshine galaxies, and she is naturally beautiful and beat! Then let’s talk about that amazing body of hers. She is curvy and all natural–no fake anything–and we can definitely appreciate that!


We are not sure what the future holds for her character, but we do know that Candice Patton has sped her way into our hearts faster than The Flash could any day. That is why she is this week’s Celebrity Crush!

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