#CelebrityCrush- Hilary Duff

It is hard to believe that it has been sixteen years since e never Hilary Duff made her way into our hearts as “Lizzie MCGuire,” and we have never stopped loving her!

The girl–we mean woman–has it and when we mean has it we mean she has the complete package of body, beauty, looks, and did we mention she sings and acts as well? She is definitely this week’s Celebrity Crush.

hilary duff

Hilary is truly doing great for herself. Not only is her career still thriving, but she has managed to surpass the “child actor curse.” You already know what we are talking about. So many child actors find it hard to transition in their careers to adult fame and success. Many of them fall into obscurity, crime, or in Dana Plato’s (Different Strokes) case substance abuse and death. Hilary, however, has managed to have a successful acting career, released multiple albums, and is even a mother!

hillary duff on younger set

The thing that is most attractive about Ms. Duff is just how naturally beautiful she is. This is a woman who is not trying to be hot, but easily burns away her competition with a smile or in recent days just by standing still. Have you seen the most recent pictures of her? Check one of them about above. Instantly Flo Rida’s song, Can’t Believe It, comes to mind! Hilary is a curvy girl and she is not afraid to show it and we love her for it.

We are definitely hoping for even greater works from this starlet and more music. Her song, Come Clean, stays on repeat just like she stays on our minds. Hilary will be turning thirty this year–September 28th to be exact–and she is aging like fine wine. Let’s just be sure to stay up on this crush worthy babe!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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