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#CelebrityCrush- Michelle Obama

Hey guys! We know it has been awhile since we had a female Celebrity Crush, but the time gods have been kind enough to allow us to bring you a powerful and majestic woman this week. She is the mother of two, a lawyer, graduate of an Ivy League institution, former wife of a Senator, current wife of The President of The United States (POTUS), and the best damn First Lady of The United States we have ever had–Michelle Obama!


Truthfully, she has been our crush for quite some time but we wanted to be as respectful as possible when talking about her, and we still plan to be. This amazing woman is truly beautiful inside and out, more so she gets better with age. Just this week alone, she proves why melanin is always in and why “Black Girls Rock” as she effortlessly outclasses her opponents while serving sheer ferocity on the cover of New York Times and stealing the scene at the Italy State Dinner last night. Check out a few of the pictures from both events below.

We love the First Lady! Her most attractive physical features to me are her smile, skin, and overall fitness. You can tell this is a woman who cares a great deal about what she puts into her body. Poised, sophisticated, and strong; Michelle Obama is probably our Celebrity Crush of the century!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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