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#CelebrityCrush- Serayah

Empire is a show made of some pretty tough “Cookies.” Each of the characters of the show are dynamic and crafty in their own right, but few can compare to the talent and beauty of Serayah. Known to most of us as “Tiana” the singer, dancer, and original love interest of Hakeem Lyon. What most people do not know is that singing, dancing, and acting are like breathing for Serayah. Her skill truly shows, as she won us over the first time she appeared on Empire in those skimpy shorts singing “Adios.”


Still what truly draws us to this talented beauty is the girl next door charm she has. Serayah just seems like a girl you can chill with, kiss on, take out, and have a good time doing anything with. That is a truly rare quality nowadays. Personally, we enjoy that amazing body and crazy hair she tantalizes the masses with in the world of Empire. Serayah’s character and Hakeem may be on the outs, but she definitely is hot to trot in our hearts. You just be sure to catch her tonight at 9 PM EST on Empire. Once Laura finds out Hakeem has knocked up Anika, we get the feeling he will be warming back up to Tiana–we mean Serayah–again!


Photo Credits: Prince Chenoa & Jacob Dekat, Galore Magazine (@galore)

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