Celebs Going Au Naturale

This week rap star Nicki Minaj and former pageant queen Kenya Moore, showed off their real hair on their Instagram.

Nicki Minaj took a series of pictures of her long locks after an fresh hair wash on Thursday. Minaj appeared to be topless on several of pictures, while posing in the mirror with her hair going straight down her back. She also added a picture of her holding her hair in a ponytail.
Minaj also showed off her long and healthy hair, when she took photos of her preparing for a video shoot for the song “Lookin; A** Ni**a.”

 Nicki-Minaj-hair-3 Nicki-Minaj-hair-4Nicki-Minaj-7 Nicki-Minaj-hair-8Nicki-Minaj-Hair-2

Kenya Moore also photographed her long tresses this week.  Moore revealed in her caption to her followers that she is starting an hair product line. She also confirmed to her followers that there are no sign of tracks on her hair!

“#moorehair coming soon! I’m so excited to share my innovative new products that grow your own hair longer. #itsallmyhair no pieces, no tracks, no weave. You too can grow your hair and I can show you how. extensions can be good for resting your hair so that it grows…And fun to change styles, but not to be dependent on. More to come. :-)”

What do you all think about the lady’s hair? Would you invest in buying Kenya’s hair products?

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