Chad Johnson Wants To Fill Fashion Police Vacant Spot

Here we go! Kelly Osbourne hasn’t even been away from the show Fashion Police long enough to let her seat collect a single dust spec and people are already putting in their resume for the vacant spot, including former NFL superstar wide receiver Chad Johnson (formerly known as Chad Ochocinco).

Kelly Osbourne left the show after some controversial comments were made by co-correspondent Giuliana Rancic towards Kelly’s friend Disney’s star Zendaya Coleman about her hair that caused quite a big stir. Now we have word that the fromer king of trash talk back in his NFL days, Chad Johnson wants the empty seat. Johnson told TMZ, “Who better when it comes to fashion than me? I rarely wear labels or high-end clothing and kill it.”

Johnson has been known to pull some pretty risky and fly fashion choices and he loves to flaunt it for the world on social media. He has even invested in a selfie stick to give us a better look of his steezy looks on Instagram.


And since the NFL is looking nowhere near Johnson’s way anymore, he will most definitely be available. What do you think about Chad Johnson joining the crew of E!‘s Fashion Police?

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