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Chain Purses for Spring 2016

Chain Purses for Spring 2016

Chain Purses for Spring 2016

If you live in the Atlanta area, then I hope you have prepared for an emergency situation to arise when the roadways start freezing.  Have these items in your vehicle just in case you have to pull over and camp out in your automobile:  A jug or two of water,  plenty of ready to eat and easy to open non-perishable food, an emergency kit, flashlights, batteries, change of clothes, a comforter, a floatation device…you know what…that’s too much!  Just stay home and read up on Kontrol’s latest articles.  With all jokes to the side, be ready!  You just never know when you might have to sleep in your car due to the extended stand still traffic.

While we’re taking about emergency necessities, one item to have in the car with you, which will also serve as a possible life saving device, is a chain purse.  You are probably wondering how a chain purse is going to save your life.  Ok, I’m not a violent person or anything like that, unless I have to defend myself. Yet, imagine having to sleep in your car and being out there alone in the elements.  How are you going to defend yourself if someone wants to be crazy and try to rob you?  Yes, I know you can have a concealed weapon, but what if you don’t?  You can swing that purse like a lasso and smack the attacker right in the dome with that chain purse!  LOL!  That scenario would be like watching a movie right!  Yes, except chain purses aren’t dropping until spring so meanwhile, have another means of weapon to defend yourself, again, just IN CASE you will need to use it.

I hope you find all of this hilarious, but with a hint of some realistic possibilities.  I’m not making light of the reality of people getting mugged, but I would like to suggest that you must be aware and not oblivious to these things possibly happening.  I would rather it never happens to you or anything like this, but it’s better to be prepared for safety and be armed than not.

Okay, so…here’s the latest and greatest chain purses that you can expect to hit the retailers this spring.  Be safe and have a great weekend!

Well, there you have it!  Thanks for reading.  Follow me on IG @RosvieStyle

Alexander Wang
Burberry Prorsum
Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton



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