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Chanel Fall/Winter 2017: Front Row Only [Paris Fashion Week]

Earlier this week was the debut of the Chanel Fall/Winter 2017 Collection designed by the genius Karl Lagerfeld. Yes, you can say that we’re ahead of ourselves with this collection. Though, we have not yet gotten through spring and summer–as always, Karl is setting the standard above and beyond in every aspect possible. Subtle luxury that could never be fully defined. While the goal is to “build, dismantle, and rebuild  to obtain the exact silhouette.”

Everybody dreams of front row so this season it is front row for everybody.” -Karl Lagerfeld

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Check out Pharrell Williams Front Row.

From Hollywood progeny to Chanel muse–introducing Willow Smith, a young American singer and actress as the new face of Chanel.

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Willow Smith: New Chanel Ambassadress

Karl’s 1920s-inspired collection is an astonishing during Paris Week, he NEVER disappoints! The ultimate heavy hitter when it comes to fashion.

Accessorization is the final step before the presentation at the show. Karl Lagerfeld accessorized the silhouettes with layers of pearls. Tweed, chunky pearls and coordinating bowler hats.

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Riding hats featured straps with Byzantine crosses, pearls or camellias.

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Pink comes in many tones in the Chanel Winter Collection.

Shades of Pink: Raspberry, fuchsia, or magenta.

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A backstage snapshot.

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“It’s clothes that can go all over the world.” -Karl Lagerfeld

Get a closer look at the accessories from the Front Row Only–the story of the show, a video made the day of the Chanel Fall/Winter Collection, celebrities and more!

Written by Camry Brown

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