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Character of Style: A Suit Yourself Guide

Character of Style: A Suit Yourself Guide

Character of Style: A Suit Yourself Guide

By: Tamara McKenzie

From head to toe, style is one of the most effective ways of turning heads. A properly adorned fitted, stark white sneakers, or a well-tailored suit are all ways of making a statement, but there’s one element that can truly set you a part from the crowd. Behind the latest trends and even versatility, there is one thing you should have as a part of your wardrobe in every season. With each day that you prepare to enter the world, adorn yourself with this highly sought after item.

At this point, your mind is probably running laps trying to pinpoint where and when you can get your hands on this product. Well, look no further. That limited edition item is within you. Your authenticity an inner confidence is the most attractive and priceless item you can wear. There is no debate that material items create attraction, but let us take a deeper look.

Dwayne Wade is a phenomenal athlete and individual on and off the court. His style is electric, fashion forward, and legendary just like his career. However, behind his iconic style is a man that has persevered and has remained confident, head strong, and humble in the midst of controversy and triumph. Style isn’t just what you wear physically, but it is also the persona that exudes beyond simply being well dressed.

Achieving this level of balance doesn’t have to be difficult and is attainable for a man of any lifestyle. So how can you be revered as a man of this stature? Here are a few quick tips.

Be Intentional: Remember that you are in charge of the energy that you bring into the room. It doesn’t matter if you’re headed to the interview of a lifetime or heading out for a night on the town, let you inner self shine. We all have personality attributes that make us unique, so use that as your platform.

Don’t Lose Sight: It is easy to let your confidence shrink in the midst of individuals you feel are more successful, but keep the mindset that notoriety is a singular aspect. Great talents and abilities lie within you as well. Make them known. It’s not necessary to brag in order to exude this. This can be done nonverbally with eye contact, a smile, and being genuinely invested in your surroundings.

Adapt: Life can get complicated. Sometimes, you simply don’t feel like your best self. Counteract the negative thoughts and emotions by reminding yourself that these feelings are only temporary and there are better days ahead.

The next time you clothe yourself and get ready to walk into the world, remember that you are your greatest asset. The man beneath the clothes is capable of taking on the world daily, through the good and bad.


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