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The Comeback Queen! Charlotte Wilson On Her Glow Up & Beauty Empire

The Comeback Queen! Charlotte Wilson On Her Glow Up & Beauty Empire

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

The cost of success can be trying, and is constantly paid through blood, sweat, and tears. Then, even when you attain it there are still life’s hurdles and setbacks to contend with. They say a setback is the set up for a comeback; and no one knows this better, than Beauty Mogul, and CEO of Glow Skin Enhancement, Charlotte Wilson.

Charlotte is back on the cover of Kontrol Magazine and we could not be happier, because this “Cover Girl” is doing better than ever after spreading her wings– and reach–from Atlanta to Houston, Texas; opening her first on site stores, new and improved skin care products, and most of all building a legacy for Glow Skin Enhancement. “I’m living in my truth, doing what makes me happy, and doing it better than ever!”

charlotte wilson

Sometimes a change of scenery is just what the mind needs.  In the words of Different World’s “Whitley Gilbert,” “…relax, relate, and RELEASE!” For Charlotte her own mental cleanse and rejuvenation came when she opted to leave Atlanta and head west towards the Great State of Texas. After years of working, living, and operating she realized she was outgrowing the city and wanted to take Glow Skin Enhancement to the next level. “Let me start by saying I love Atlanta. It’s where I started my family, raised my babies, started my business, and begin the steps to building my empire…I just felt like I needed a change of venue and to reset a few things in my life…It turned out to be a great decision as I am now opening my first physical location. Before I sold my products strictly online and this storefront is just of the first of many to take my company regional, then national, and global! I’m doing big things!”

Indeed Charlotte is accomplishing wonders with Glow Skin Enhancement even in the face of Hurricane Harvey ,which devastated Houston. The epic storm passed over Charlotte and her family, but her neighbors and clients were greatly affected. Here is where the real “glow up” came in as Charlotte’s business begin to boom in the aftermath of the disaster. “I was blessed to not have been affected by [Hurricane] Harvey, but a lot of people were. After the water left, and the sun came back there were stagnant pools of water which are breeding grounds for insects everywhere, and people were stressed. Conditions like that naturally make your skin break out. I gave out samples of my products to help the women in the area with their skin and got a whole new slew of clients…when they see what ‘Glow Skin’ does for you they are just amazed…I’m more happy though that I could help…”

charlotte wilson

charlotte wilsonSince being in Houston, Charlotte reveals her life is even more stable than before. As you may already know from previous interviews, she is a mother of five; with three adult children and a set of fraternal twins who are now nine years old. “Before I just seemed to be a little pulled in so many directions…I felt like my babies [her twins] were suffering because I couldn’t be there for them like I wanted to. I’m happy to say that now I’m very hands on with them and am able to give them the time and energy they deserve. Sometimes all you need is to change something simple in your life to make time and room for what’s most important to you.” Charlotte’s legacy and influence has definitely spread to her children in particular her oldest son who is opening a barbershop in Alpharetta, Georgia; and her twins have expressed in an interest in learning the business of skin care. From Charlotte’s own admission they may someday  take over the company and become the “Prince and Princess of Glow Skin Enhancement.” “My babies are very ambitious and they are going to do great things. That’s why I’m working so hard to leave a legacy for my children, grandchildren, and their children!”

When it comes to legacy and beauty, Charlotte definitely has the lion’s share. You would never guess she is in her fifties; or that she rarely wears make up thanks to her youthful appearance (Black Don’t Crack), nature, and using her own products. “People are always asking me how I got my skin a certain way or look and I show them my products, wipe my face with a white rag and show them I’m not wearing any makeup. I have no issue with women who do, but I am my best advertisement.” Glow Skin Enhancement has grown to include products for teenagers, The Glow Skin Enhancement Teen Club, new and improved day and night skin regiments, and even a treatment for ingrown hairs for men! As an African-American man the latter product is of particular interest. Her celebrity client include singer, Mishon, who from his own admission has benefited from her treatment. You can purchase any of the Glow Skin Enhancement skin care line by clicking here; www.GlowSkinEnhancement.com! Happy shopping!

charlotte wilsonWe could not be happier for the growth and success Charlotte has found in  her personal and professional life. She serves as living proof that hard work, trust in God, and believing in yourself are powerful tools in living your best life. Sure, there are other skin care lines out there, but how many of them headed by such a strong, charismatic, single mother turned beauty mogul. There’s real magic to Charlotte Wilson and it’s called love—love of work, love of family, and most of all love of self! “You have to know what God has for you is for you and stay at it. There are always going to be obstacles and pitfalls. Pick yourself up and get back to it! Success and happiness look great on you Charlotte. Congratulations on your rise!



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