Cheap beauty

Cheap Beauty

Want to look like a million bucks, but spend less than $20? Keep reading!


We all want to look and be our best self. If you read/look at a magazine or television, the ads will having you feeling as if you have to spend hella money to be beautiful. Guess what? LIES! Some of the best things in life are free, somewhat and other things do not have to break the bank. Below are some cheap beauty recommendations:


Drink Water!

This cannot be stressed enough. If the old saying is you are what you eat/consume, why wouldn’t you want to walk around hydrated. You won’t feel tired and you wont look dusty. Your skin will thank you for keeping it nice and glowing. Yes, water does have that impact on your skin. On top of that, if you drink enough water through out the day, you will feel full, which means you won’t eat as much. Dehydration just ain’t sexy, so drink up.

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Castor Oil

One old school trick I learned from a college buddy is putting castor oil on your eye brows to support growth. After washing your face and following your skincare routine, just brush the castor oil over your brows at night. The results should show in a month or so.


castor oil

Good Moisturizer

A celebrity favorite moisturizer that you can use is Aquaphor. If Beyonce can use it, you can too. You can just never have too many moisturizers and you can never go wrong with using it. This brand is available at your local drug store and at a reasonable price.


Another good product for extremely dry skin is petroleum jelly. Vaseline is a brand that everyone has had in the house growing up. Its good on dry feet, dry hands and cracked lips.  Also, Kyle Richards of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills says she puts it around her eyes at night. This has been tried by my mother and myself many years ago…say goodbye to eye boogers in the morning.



Yes, you need to sleep. The mentality of sleeping when you’re dead is stupid. Why? BECAUSE YOU ARE DEAD! Your body craves sleep and you need it to look good. Beauty rest/sleep is real. Your face looks so drained when you do not have enough sleep and you won’t be able to function fully. If you cannot get 8-9 hours, get as much as you can and do whatever you can to get it. On top of that, science says that cells turnover and regenerate at night, so you should really consider getting more sleep. Plus, its kinda free and you can lighten up on the coffee for energy.


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