Chelsea Handler Joins Kim Kardashian In Showing Off Her ASSets, Declares War Against Instagram

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Chelsea Handler has got buns hun!

The comedienne took to her Instagram to give Kim K. a run for her money sans oil, and proves without question that her assets are real (notice the shameless tan lines).

She also challenges Instagram to take her photo down in protest of the topless photo that they removed last month, reposting the photo with the caption:

Just so I’m clear, Instagram…it’s ok to use nudity to sexualize yourself on your site, but not to make a joke? I’m just so confused.

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In case you’ve been living under a rock, last night Kim made it her mission to #BreaktheInternet by posting an Instagram photo of her well-oiled rump on the cover of Paper magazine. The photo quickly circulated the social spheres, leading many to voice their disapproval about the wife and mother posting such a “classless” photo. Unlike Kimmy Cakes, Handler is not a wife or a mother, which may be why the public took it easy on her and laughed with her instead of at her (ironically both women share a love of Black men, but I digress).

Of course it was only a matter of time before the memes popped up. We’ve captured a few of our fan favorites below.

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