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Cherise B’s Dating Dos and Don’ts for Work-a-Holics!

Cherise B’s Dating Dos and Don’ts for Work-a-Holics!

By Tiara Shae: Twitter- @TiaraShaeH |Instagram- @TiaraShae

Tips By Cherise B.: Facebook- Cherise B. | Instagram- @CheriseBThomas



Image and Style Specialist Cherise B. has been running her own successful image consulting business out of Atlanta for over 10 years. Starting her entrepreneur endeavors from the ground up, Cherise has firsthand experience in dating in the city while building a legacy. Despite having such a tight schedule, Cherise has managed to steal the heart of yet another successful entrepreneur & is now married to a wonderful man that exceeds her wildest dreams. I know you’re wondering, “How did she do it!?” She knew the dos and don’ts of dating while busy! Here are her 5 Dos & Don’ts that will help keep your love life afloat like your career life from Cherise B.


Do Make time for him: If you really like your date & want things to flourish, make time for him! As an entrepreneur or work-a-holic, time gets away from you fast and work always comes first. Men want a woman that they can spend time with. Arrange your schedule so you can at least meet him for lunch or sit down with him for dinner.

Don’t Waste Your Time On Him: Only adjust your schedule for someone worth your time. If he won’t make time for you, then don’t make time for him! Always remember that love is a two way street!


Do: Show Your Independence
Men love a woman who can do well on her own, mostly because they like the challenge of finding a woman that doesn’t ‘need’ them. Flaunt your independence by keeping your appearance polished & classy.

Don’t: Rub Your Independence in His Face
This simply means to let your man be a man. If he wants to pay for dinner, let him! If he wants to take you to the mall to get you something nice, allow him! Don’t be so quick to say no to gestures that let him show that he can be a provider. Men want to spoil their woman & show her that she doesn’t have to work (at least not so hard). They find comfort in the fact that you choose to stay independent.


Do: Show Him some new things
Let him take a peek into your lifestyle. Take him to some nice restaurants, introduce him to some great live artists, or take him to some stores you love to shop at. Show him things that will make him have to run and tell his friends about.

Don’t: Let him run the whole show
Don’t let him be the dictator of what you guys do and don’t do. He doesn’t always have to come up with the dating plans! Like stated earlier, tell him some dating ideas you have! Sharing ideas and executing them is what builds a strong relationship and keeps things exciting for the both of you.


Do: Tell him your standards
Let him know immediately what you’re looking for. Let him know if you want to just have fun, or build a long relationship. Let him know what you’re looking for in a relationship & a partner. Let him go if he acts funny when the subject arrives. Do not waste your time!


Don’t: Let him figure out your standards on his own
If you let your date guess what you want, odds are he will never figure it out. Men (and women) are not mind readers. You have to spell it out to him or else you’ll both wasting time on each other!

Couple enjoying dinner --- Image by © JLP/Jose L. Pelaez/Corbis

Do: Be Yourself
Be your strong womanly self. Don’t try to hard to impress him. Let everything happen naturally. Relationships require compromise, but that doesn’t mean you have to act like someone you’re not.

Don’t: Put up a front
Don’t act too aggressive like you absolutely don’t need your date in your life, but don’t act so passive or needy. Find a good balance that will show your best personality traits. Show that you can work hard & play hard!

Stay in contact with Cherise B. for more tips on dating and fashion by liking her on Facebook here and following her on Instagram: @CheriseBThomas !


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