Chew Yourself Beautiful: How Gum Can Aid Both Health and Beauty

When you pop a piece of chewing gum into your mouth, you may not actually realize that doing so can help to keep your body in good health and maintain and even improve your appearance. Whilst many people chew gum in order to freshen their breath or to make it easier to pass time in between meals if they’re feeling hungry, certain gums come with a huge range of health benefits that can actually aid both health and beauty and keep you looking and feeling your best. Whether you chew gum religiously or have never really thought about the matter, here are just some of the best reasons why you should start today.

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Are you a patient who uses medical marijuana to treat your condition, or are you considering using this drug? Since the legalization of medical marijuana in a number of U.S. states, many Americans are smoking or consuming cannabis as a method of treatments for a range of different conditions including chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, and even some forms of cancer. Although legalized, smoking marijuana whilst in public is still widely unaccepted, leaving medical marijuana users at a loss of what to do when out and in need of their medication. This is where THC gum comes in – chewing it will give you all of the benefits and is discreet to use without causing any disturbances. See dispensaries for more information.

Dental Care

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Chewing minty gum doesn’t just freshen up your breath – certain brands of chewing gum have actually been approved by dentists as being beneficial for your teeth and overall oral health. These sugar-free gums have been made with ingredients such as fluoride to help keep your teeth clean and healthy, making them extremely handy to keep in your pocket for chewing when you’re out and can’t easily brush your teeth after a meal. Chewing sugar-free dental gum not only helps to keep your teeth clean and reduce plaque, the action of chewing gum also increases saliva production, helping the PH levels in your mouth return to normal and reducing the risk of acid erosion, tooth sensitivity and discoloration.

Weight Management

Dieters everywhere can forget the myth that chewing gum actually makes you put weight on – this isn’t true at all. Coming in at just five to ten calories per piece, sugar-free chewing gum can be picked up for less than a couple of dollars, making it an inexpensive snack and a useful method of curbing your appetite in between meals. The physical act of chewing gum itself can help to suppress your appetite, helping you to curb unhealthy cravings and stay on board with your healthy eating plan. According to a study carried out by a group of scientists, chewing gum could actually help you to burn around eleven calories per hour – it may not be much, but it can add up!

Who would have known that a simple piece of chewing gum could have so many different great health and beauty benefits?



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