Chicken Schnitzel? Seven Hens Eatery VIP Event – Sandy Springs

On November 5th Seven Hens hosted a VIP opening celebration for their second location in the Atlanta area, in Sandy Springs.  Guests were able to enjoy complimentary Schnitzel (more on that in a minute) dishes, wine, and was able to order what their heart desired off of the menu.  I’ll admit, before attending this event, I did not know what Schnitzel was.  After the event, I can say that I am a Schnitzel fan!

Schnitzel is an age-old cooking technique originating from Europe that requires pounding a boneless piece of meat, coating it with breading and frying it to make it crispy.  Seven Hens mission was to make Schnitzel mainstream and about exploring the world through food – or through the Schnitzel.  The menu features Schnitzels inspired by seven countries, including China, India, France, Germany, Mexico, Italian, and of course, the United States.

What I liked most about Seven Hens is everything is natural and local, which is always a nice touch if you are like me and like to support local businesses.

Find out more about this local gem and how you can enjoy your very own Schnitzel here!

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