Chris Brown Dispels Rumors About Alleged Altercation During Meek Mill’s Grammy Party

chris brown

“Mmmm, mmm, that s**t ain’t happening.” ~ Robert Freeman, “The Boondocks”

Remember back in the day when Chris Brown was “hailed” as an upcoming Michael Jackson? If he can just stay clear of fight or jailed related rumor themes, he’s all good.

The talented Grammy-winner made headlines over the weekend after he reportedly had his car searched for a having a concealed weapon.

According to TMZ, LAPD received an anonymous tip that a passenger in Brown’s car had a gun inside of the vehicle. When the search ended, nothing was found.

Brown now charters the urban blogosphere for defending himself against what? Another set of rumors.

Based on Brown’s IG account, he took aim at those rumors started by gossip site According to HipHollywood, MTO  reported that Brown was allegedly punched in the face after attending Meek Mill’s Grammy Party (Feb. 8).

Well, from the “looks” of it, Brown ain’t catch “no fade” from his posting:


Brown said:

 Lol.. Killing these lil rumours that I got beat up last night at meek mill party. It’s funny how I’m always the topic of discussion for bullsh*t. Given my prior encounters with the law I don’t conduct myself like that when I go out. So no, I wasnt involved in any pistol whipping or fighting. There was an altercation between other people at the party and I observed. Me and my team left so we wouldn’t have anything to do with it so the police wouldn’t fu*k wit me. You know how my name pops up in everything. Lol. GOOD DAY SIR

All things void of legal troubles will be good for his fans. Brown recently completed his community service hours which means women everywhere can spend their rent money on the “Between The Sheets” Tour.


According to, the tour now has a new date this month:

The tour will now kick off on Feb. 12 in Sunrise, Fla., according to Live Nation. Nine dates have been rescheduled.

“I’m excited to tour North America with my brothers Trey and Tyga,” said Chris Brown in a statement. “To the fans who have been with me since day one…The BTS Tour is dedicated to your loyalty!”

Due to the postponement, Trey Songz will not be able to perform in Charlotte (March 14), Houston (March 16), Greensboro (March 18), and Hampton (March 19). These dates will only feature Chris and Tyga.

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