Did Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Get It In At The White House?

Model Chrissy Teigen spilled a whole can of beans last night on the red carpet of the Grammys during the Extra interview with her husband, singer John Legend. The couple where playing a game where they had to pick a random card with a question on it. The question was “a public place you ‘did it’,” and things got a little too real judging by John Legend’s face when his wife answered.


(Photo via Warner Bros.)

Chrissy answered, “Probably the Obama thing,” then quickly realized she had said too much and walked off embarrassed while hubby Legend stood their with a few nervous chuckles to play things off and a face that read, “I can’t believe that came out her mouth right now…” Legend responded by saying that he didn’t want to discuss it and Teigen came back to the interview and apologized and saying that she was “in trouble” for letting that goose fly.


The couple quickly cleared up that it wasn’t at the White House nor was Barack Obama president at the time…good save but we aren’t buying, guys. Sorry. With the White House security letting multiple fence-jumpers on the property with ease, I wouldn’t be surprised if John and Chrissy got a quickie in the Oval Office.

Double-dates at the Waffle House with Kimye and now bumpin uglies at the Obamas’ crib, Chrissy and John are officially the coolest couple on earth.

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