Christmas With A Megastar! Beyonce Kicks Back in Thailand!

When you are the second richest artist on the planet (Dr. Dre is number one), you can spend your holidays on any of the planets hottest spots. King Bey however, spent her Christmas in Thailand with her husband, Jay-Z, and daughter, Blue Ivy. The family visited the Southeastern Asian country of Thailand, known for its beautiful city of Bangkok, the most visited city in the world according to Time Magazine. The Knowles-Carter Clan did not do anything extravagant, instead they took in the local culture and festivities, and hung out on the beach.


This all sounds like a much deserved vacation for Beyonce, 2014 has been her most lucrative to date having grossed over 115 million dollars! Yes, Mrs. Carter is on top and definitely a globetrotter. In fact, she and Jay-Z celebrated his birthday in Iceland just a few days before; meaning they flew a whopping 9,720 miles to get to the sunny coasts of Thailand. Still one has to wonder what Beyonce and her hubby got each other and Blue for Christmas. I am sure with their millions on top of millions they could buy Thailand! They seem pretty humble though. I am sure it will not be anything the gods will be jealous of, LOL! Merry Christmas Beyonce!

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