Ciara is ‘TURNT!’

Written by: Langston John Blaze

Formerly entitled, One Woman Army, R&B princess Ciara, delivers a sexy, fun new collection of music in her self-titled fifth studio album. After two commercially unsuccessful records, it’s not often artists have the opportunity to make a memorable comeback. Yet, Ciara Princess Harris, who began to make a name for herself in 2004 with her chart-topping Goodies album, proved early on to be someone we’d see for years to come. Even through her less than triumphant times, the Grammy Award winning singer never wanted to limit herself, disassociating her name with the title, Princess of Crunk & B in 2004. From her overseas shows and success with singles like ‘Ride,’ which the video was eventually banned fro BET, Ciara has always made a sensual mark on her music.

Ciara unveils a woman of experience, vocal growth, and lyrical teasing with sexy lines and catchy phrases like the title of her mid tempo Hip-Hop banger ‘Super Turnt Up’ and the number one hit single, ‘Body Party,’ also an unforgettable video with her sultry lap dance scene to her Hip Hop heavy hitter boyfriend, Future. Songs like the metaphorical ‘DUI’ and ‘Sophomore’ play into reminiscent sounds of the singer’s Goodies debut. However, the most unconventional song on the R&B/Pop record is the vulnerable heartfelt ballad, ‘Where You Go,’ a collaboration with Future. Critics have called it her most revealing piece of music. With production by producers like Mike Will and collaborations with Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj on the second single, ‘I’m Out,’ Ciara is sure to bring back the Princess of the South feel we know, blended with her stronger elements of Pop. I give Ciara 4 out of 5 BLAZE STARS.