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Looking for a nice shaving cream that will not dry you out or irritate your skin? American Crew makes the cut!


Shaving can be one of those things that must be done, even though you may hate it. To be fresh and clean can be a task, especially in the morning when you are rushing for work. American Crew has made things easier. They have created a moisturizing shave cream that will work wonders.

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This moisturizing shaving cream is simple to use. Just simply wash your face and make sure that you beard is wet. Apply the cream to your face and shave like normal. The cream works best when applied with your hands.


There is no strong, unbearable scent with this moisturizing cream. It is very light and pleasantly clean. It also will not dry up nor will the cream dry out your skin.

American crew moisturizing shave creamThe shave cream is part of a line that helps men maintain their facial hair. You can use your personal favorite after care products from the American Crew family to make sure your face and facial hair are to your liking.


Curious? Give American Crew’s moisturizing shave cream a try. You face will not experience any form of irritation but, your skin will experience the cleanest, most fulfilling shave to date.

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